We are able to give guided walks around the local hills and forests, ranging from 5km to 15km. An ideal opportunity to view the beautiful flora and fauna that the Bukk and Matra mountains have to offer. Whilst out walking we often see rare birds and have viewed wild boar, foxes and deer at very close quarters. Many of our walks do not follow recognised marked trails but follow logging trails and old tracks through the forests. This way our guests have more chance of seeing the wildlife that fill the forests and hills and are less likely to bump into other walkers and tourists.

Examples of the walks include:

 Start at Sugarbox House, walk through the village and up through the forest to a local nature reserve then follow a logging track up to the top of Darnoi Hegy overlooking Sirok and the castle. We then continue on through the forest, past a popular area for spotting wild boar to a small plateau with fantastic views of the nearby village of Terpes and the surrounding hills and forests. From here we head down the other side of Darnoi Hegy and along the picturesque valley floor, turning off before we reach the main road and heading back towards Sirok. This walk is predominantly a forest walk, following logging trails and old tracks. We pass several hunters high seats and if quiet and vigilant there is a good chance of seeing wild boar and deer along with with many species of birds.

Time: approx 5 hours

Start at Sugarbox House, walk through the village and up through the forest to a local nature reserve (by a different route to previous walk). Follow a logging trail up Darnoi Hegy then turn left and head down through the forest on a now disused track towards popular wallows for wild boar. We then head upwards, over the hill and down across the valley floor, continuing over the next hill and following the ridge through the forest and across meadows to a quarry track which we follow into the village of Sajla. From here we follow the country roads through Terpes and back to Sirok. This walk is a mix of forest and road. Again there is a good chance of seeing wild animals and many species of birds.

Time approx: 6-7 hours

Start at Sugarbox House and head across the road and up to the castle ruins. We can spend time here before heading along the hilltop through scrubland and forest, down across the road and continue along logging tracks, returning to the edge of the village and back alnong the main road to our start point. Again there are spectacular views from high above the village. We pass several hunters high seats and feeding areas for wild animals.

Time approx 3 hours


We have many more walks available and can structure days to suit guests' needs. Spring is an excellent time for seeing young animals and I have observed new born boar, deer and foxes within 2 metres. Early mornings and evenings are the best times as this is when the animals are more active and we avoid the midday heat.

All walks are subjuect to availability.

Please check back soon as we publish more information.

Walking along the valley floor in early spring

A young red deer  fawn only a few days old that I photographed in late March 2009