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We work in conjunction with the managers of 2 local lakes, Wheat Valley and Spring Lake. We are able to offer the casual fisherman staying at Sugarbox House day fishing at either lake with basic tackle provided. For the more serious angler we are able to offer self catering packages with accomodation on site at Spring Lake or at Sugarbox House and all transfers.

Fishing is catch and release or you can take carp, catfish and zander home as most Hungarians eat their catches.

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Spring Lake

This is a man made lake of 3 hectares is surrounded by lush forests. The depth ranges from 1 metre to 3 metres. There is an island in the middle and 4 freshh water springs feed into the lake under the surface.

The self catering guest house sits only 10 metres from the lake's edge and a small snack van is on site.

Species here include grass, crucian, mirror and leather carp, pike, zander, roach, and catfish.

Crucian carp to 1.5kg

Other carp to 9kg

Pike to 12kg

Zander to 5kg

Grass carp to 15kg

Roach to 1kg

Catfish 20kg+

The lake is regularly stocked.

2 rods per person.

Day fishing for guests staying at Sugarbox House is £25 per person per day. This includes transfers to and from the lake, fishing fees and the use of basic fishing tackle. Night fishing is also available at a cost of £40 per person for 2 days and one night's fishing.

We also offer a complete fishing package for the more serious angler.

The cost of one week's fishing at Spring Lake with airport transfers, self catering accomodation at the lakeside, fishing fees and the use of basic fishing tackle if required is £250 per person based on a minimum of 2 people.

Fish removed from the lake are charged at around £3 per kilo.

We can also provide a tripod and large cooking pot for traditional Hungarian outdoor cooking at the lakeside.







Wheat Valley 

This is a larger lake of 55 hectares. The depth varies up to 5 metres.

Species here include various species of carp, pike, zander, catfish, grass carp, busa, tench, barbel.

Busa is not native to Hungary but was introduced from China.

2 rods per person.

Pike to 18kg

Carp to 20kg

Crucian Carp to 2kg

Barbel to 3kg

Grass carp to 37kg

Busa to 50kg

Tench to 3kg

Zander to 15kg

Catfish to 68.5kg

This lake is also stocked on a regular basis tens of thousands of kilos of fish added each year.

Up to 2 fish per day can be removed from the lake at no extra charge. Night fishing is also available, please ask for more details.





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