Sitting on the edge of the Bukk mountains, Eger is a small picturesque baroque city with about 60,000 inhabitants in the centre of a major wine producing region in North Eastern Hungary. The town itself is very compact and is easily accessed by public transport (around 2 hours from Budapest). It is one of the most visited areas in Hungary although it is never crowded and has a laid back relaxed atmosphere.

Many people visit the town to experience the relaxing thermal spas with healing properties. It  has a large complex of indoor and outdoor pools with water temperatures to around 36*c and numerous nearby towns and villages also have their own similar thermal spas.

Eger is most famous for its 2,000 inhabitants defeating a Turkish invasion of 20,000 soldiers in 1552 and from this came its famous Bull's Blood red wine Egri Bikaver. A guide to Eger wines and some of the producers can be found here :

 The main square, Dobó Tér, is overlooked by the town's medieval fortress and features numerous statues commemorating the victory over the Turks in 1552. Much of the town centre is pedestrianised and as you walk closer to the castle the narrow olde worlde streets are cobbled.

Some of the things to see and do:

1:The Lyceum: Built at the end of the 18th century it now serves as a college. The library with its amazing fresco and the observatory are well worth visiting.

2: The Basilica: Built in the 1830's, it is the 3rd largest cathedral in Hungary.

3: The Provost's Palace: On the street with the most baroque historical buildings in Eger (Kossuth Lajos utca).

4: Bishop's Park: A 22 acre park dating from the era of Bishop Eszterhazy. It has a central fountain, football pitches and tennis courts.

5: Thermal baths: Features 6 open air pools and 1 partly covered pool of cold and hot water. Several thousand cubic metres of water rise daily from the natural springs.

7: Eger Castle: Built in the 13th century it was defended for 40 days in 1552 by Dobo Istvan and around 2,000 soldiers against 20,000 invading Turks. There are numerous exhibitions inside the castle reminding visitors of it's history.

9: The Minaret: Is the most Northerly historical building remaining from the Turkish era in Europe. Rising 40 metres, a great view can be had of the city from the balcony.

10: Dobó Square: Is the main square in the heart of Eger. The statues here commemorate the historical victory of the inhabitants of Eger in 1552 over the invading Turks.

11: The Minorita Church: One of the most beautiful baroque churches in Europe.

12: Rac Church: A Greek Orthodox or Serbian church, it's former parsonage now houses the memorial room of Vitkovics Mihaly, Serbian poet and the exhibition of Kepes Gyorgy, Hungarian artist.

Fire fighting museum: The only one of its kind in Hungary.

Palóc folk art exhibition: Features exhibits of Palóc folk art from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Historical exhibition: featuring displays of weapons and military accessories.

Telekessy pharmacy museum: Baroque pharmacy interior and displays of pharmacy glassware and medicinal vials.

Istvan cellar and wine museum: 200 year old exhibition of the wine producing areas of Hungary and of old wine-making equipment.

14: The Archbishop's Palace: Housing valuable treasures and masterpieces of 18th and 19th century goldsmiths and textile artists.


 Right click on the image below, left click "save picture as" and save it to your computer. You will then be able to enlarge the image and clearly see the street plan. The numbers on the map match the numbers of the places of interest above.




Within the town centre there is an abundance of cafes and restaurants where one can while away the afternoon over a coffee, wine or beer. Some of the better restaurants are the  Senátor Ház Hotel and the HBH at opposite ends of the main square. Our personal favourites however, are the Fehérszarvas (White Stag) opposite the Police station and the János Vitéz which is on the main road number 25 just outside of Eger heading towards Szilvásvárad. Here the food and service are excellent and the prices very reasonable.

                                   The interior of the  Fehérszarvas restaurant with it's hunting themed decor